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We are experts in communicating the best version of your brand message.

Whether it is to develop and implement effective communication strategies that align with your business goals and resonate with your audience, crisis communication, media management and monitoring, or external relations; we have the best solution tailored specifically for your business.

EXCOM has the most extensive media network in Ghana and has over the years forged close partnerships with reputable international media organizations to help clients amplify your brand and message. We will not only help you craft your message (press releases etc.), but we will make sure it reaches the largest audience possible.

Our first task is to help our clients prevent a crisis. But if a crisis develops, you can count on EXCOM to help you navigate. This is our greatest strength. We don’t just want our clients to manage a crisis but thrive on it.

We specialize in generating creative content: video, audio, text and what we call at EXCOM, image framing for online, offline, traditional and social media. We have deployed advocacy documentaries to assist clients tell their stories. From billboards to radio and television commercials and infomercials, EXCOM has the expertise to manage your needs.

This is the era of social media. In today’s world no brand can survive without social media. At EXCOM, we understand this unique opportunity and we assist our clients take full control of social media to enhance their reputations and deliver corporate objectives.

For executive corporate clients and individuals, you need to know in real time what the world is saying about you. Your reputation is directly linked to your bottom-line. A negative news report about you can affect your share price. It can drive customers away. The only way to survive is to know what has been said or written about you in real time. You need that real time report to inform timely executive decisions that can help you get ahead of an impending crisis.

Because we are so highly networked across social and political divides, we are in a unique position to facilitate mutually beneficial engagements with key stakeholders on behalf of our clients.

We help corporate clients design and execute effective corporate social responsibility strategies as part of a broader plan for reputation enhancement and the building of social capital. 

We have unique expertise in facilitating and moderating high-level public engagements and thought leadership events for our clients.

We deliver the total experience from concept design to execution when it comes to events.

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